Contract Manufacturing
  • General Questions
  • Are the order quantities flexible?

    Yes, our approach is quite flexible. The minimum quantity will depend on each particular product and can be discussed individually.

  • Do you provide marketing & design support?

    Yes, our experienced team of designers and marketing specialists will readily offer you their expertise. This will help you to properly place your product within the highly competitive market of aesthetics, making it more recognizable and, therefore, successful.

  • What are the quality assurance approaches?

    Our employees are well-trained, our equipment is state-of-the-art. We at Institute Hyalual believe that the combination of those two prerequisites is a key to the prosperity of our enterprise. Furthermore, all our facilities are ISO and GMP certified, and we regularly welcome international inspections and audits. Together, these measures guarantee the quality of the products and engender the trust of our customers.

  • How long will it take to create products under our brand name?

    Typically, products will go into production within three months. The timespan may vary depending on a number of factors. This will be discussed in detail with you prior to production. We will always discuss any possible delays and notify our customers of such, ensuring we remain on the same page regarding the product development timeline.

  • Who will register the products?

    We are pleased to offer our customers a full package of registration services including obtaining of the CE mark for Medical Devices, as well as complete support for the process and submission to the requisite regulatory bodies and control, plus registration in the CPNP portal in the EU for cosmetic products.

  • Why should I use a contract manufacturer?

    Contract manufacturing lets you access specialized facilities and equipment that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to access. If you’re looking to scale up production or need state-of-the-art processes, or expand your product line, then a contract manufacturing partner is a great way to ensure quality and success. We believe that by leveraging our specific aesthetic medicine expertise acquired through years of development you will be able to ‘cut to the chase’ and fast-forward your success with products in this sector. Besides, we, as a highly qualified partner, have specific aesthetic medicine expertise acquired through years of development.

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